Enotourism route in Ibiza: the essential wineries

enoturismo en Ibiza

Without a doubt, one of the best plans you can make this autumn in Ibiza is to visit the wine cellars. At that time of year the harvest arrives and, if you are a lover of good food and good wine, you will be delighted to take the enotourism route around the island.

As well as visiting the wineries and enjoying the marvellous colours offered by nature, we recommend that you take advantage of the autumn season to enjoy the incredible beaches, which will be less crowded, and the renowned restaurants with less waiting time.

Wine from the Balearic Islands

The wine from this region has been growing in quality and positioning itself among the best wines in Spain. This is due not only to the climate of the Balearic Islands, which favours its production, but also to the great effort made by the winemakers and wine growers of Ibiza.

On the island there are different varieties of white and black grapes. Among the white varieties you can find Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Malvasía Aromática, Moscatel de grano menudo, Moscatel de Alejandría and many more. As for the black grapes, the most characteristic of the place is the Monastrell, but there are also Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon Tempranillo, among others.

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Sa Cova: Ibiza’s oldest winery

When planning your enotourism route on the island, the region of Sant Mateu d’Aubarca should be the first one on your list; it is in this area that most wine is produced. There you will find the Sa Cova winery, the oldest in Ibiza.

This winery has ten hectares of vineyards. It produces between 20,000 and 25,000 litres of wine. Its creator, Joan Bonet, started this project as a hobby. But little by little it became something much more serious, until today it is considered one of the most renowned wineries on the island.

The Sa Cova winery began making wine with the Monastrell grape variety, which is typical of the region. Over time, the range was extended to other varieties such as Moscatel Tempranillo, Syrah and Malvasía. In Sa Cova there are individual or group tastings; there you can buy the bottles you want. You can also find the wines made by this winery in many restaurants and shops in Ibiza.

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Although autumn is the ideal time to do so, you can visit this winery all year round by appointment. The contrast of the green fields with the white houses will enchant you. It is the classic landscape of the area.

Other wineries you can visit

In the same region of Sant Mateu d’Aubarca there is also the Can Maymó winery. It offers wines with flavours typical of the Ibizan countryside. This winery has been recognized for the production of high quality wines, with autochthonous grapes that come from the red soil of the area.

In the area of San Antoni de Portmany there are also two wineries that you can not miss. The first is Can Rich de Buscatell, which is characterized by being a company that has combined organic farming with cutting-edge technology, obtaining surprising results. In it we can not only find high quality wine, but also an extraordinary virgin olive oil.

And finally there is Totem Wines, an eleven-year-old winery that has also achieved an important place in the production and marketing of wine.

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