Travelling with children to Ibiza?

Is it a good idea to travel with boys and girls to Ibiza? Without a doubt it is a good choice, there are many advantages for them on the island. One of them is the short distance between wonderful spots and charming places. Another interesting attraction for children is the amount of beaches, forests, and Mediterranean culture to enjoy with the family.

How to get to Ibiza?

If you travel by car, you will know that you can cross by ferry with the full luggage rack from Denia, Valencia, or Gandía. You can even take your pets! The ferries have exclusive cages for dogs, cats and other domestic animals. Once in the boat, the children will have two or three hours to move around the deck and snoop around.

If you don’t want to drive to Valencia, you can choose from a few affordable airlines, which will take you directly to the island. When you have arrived on land, the option of renting a car will give you the facility to travel all over Ibiza on your own quickly and safely, as its roads are easy and quiet.

Walks in the nature for children in Ibiza

Among all the island’s proposals, it will generally be the beaches that the little ones will enjoy the most. The different Ibizan coves, with turquoise waters and soft white sands, will be a party in itself to play all afternoon. There are more solitary beaches and others more crowded, there are beaches with more or less cliffs and more or less vegetation.

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Some coves are facing east, so they will be special to see the sunrise. On the other hand, the sunset on the western beaches will be an excellent opportunity for a magical souvenir.

One of the ideal beaches for the little ones is Cala Tarida, to the west of the island. Here children can walk quietly through the gentle hills, or splash in the shallow transparent waters. As it is very close to an urban centre, it is possible to quickly access the shops, bars and cafés in the area.

Depending on their different ages, children will be able to recreate themselves with different water sports. In the list you can find proposals such as snorkelling and scuba diving. In addition, always guided by expert instructors, children will start windsurfing and paddlesurfing and challenge their own skills.

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In addition, there are a number of beaches with parties and music for the whole family, such as the drum party in Cala Benirrás. If you are looking for a relaxing moment, it is possible to navigate in one of the tourist boats that coast the clear waters.

One of the natural wonders that fascinates children are the stalactites and stalagmites of the cave of Can Marcà, in Port de San Miguel de Balasant. The white sands in Las Salinas, on the other hand, can give way to an incredible afternoon in the open air and in full nature.

Cultural walks for the whole family

The small towns that populate Ibiza, such as Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera or Dalt Vila itself, are full of charm for children. You can also visit very interesting places, such as the Cap Blanc Aquarium in Sant Antoni de Portmany. It is an aquarium built inside a natural cave, where marine species are recovered and the fish of the region are shown.

The hippy markets represent a pleasant stroll at dusk. Here you can find handicrafts, clothes, toys and accessories that you can’t find anywhere else.

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