Gastronomy in Ibiza: the best flavored dishes

Ibiza offers a whole world of unforgettable pleasures and flavours; its quiet fishing villages offer a Mediterranean recipe book. Take note of the following list so as not to miss a single one of the main typical dishes of the island.

Guisat de peix or fish stew

If you ask about the traditional “white island” dish, children and the elderly will answer: fish stew. The main ingredient is found in many regional varieties: salmon, prawns, sea rat, spider, scorpion fish, lobster, grouper, ray, monkfish or rooster are some of the options.

If you’re wondering what the secret ingredient is for that incredible taste, the trick is to try a handful of almonds, ñoras and, above all, a good amount of alioli. In restaurants and homes, they serve it hot in picturesque earthenware casseroles.

Bullit de peix

It is a variant of the fish stew, with the difference of adding rice. You’ll prefer it if you don’t like dishes with a lot of broth. The recipe is also known as bullit de peix and arroz a la banda and can be served in two dishes: first the fish and then the rice.

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Sofrit pagès

Another traditional Ibiza food is this combination of vegetables, meat, potatoes and sausages. Which sausages? Well, the typical sausages of these lands: the butifarra and sobrasada. The characteristic of this delicious dish is that the meat broth is first served mixed with a fried pepper, bay leaf, tomato and marjoram.

Caramel marinated with cauliflower

The favourite fish of the Ibicenco and Ibicencan people is the caramel or gerret, and even in March there is a party in their honour! The marinade with cauliflower aggregates is one of the flavours of this charming island.

Calamari stuffed with sobrasada

In these latitudes, seafood is king in every good table and restaurant. In this recipe, the exquisiteness of the marine flavour is combined with the sausage that characterises Ibizan cuisine: sobrassada. It is a sausage made with black or white pork meat, seasoned with spices, salt and paprika.

Frita of octopus

If you like octopus, the tasting of some tapas of octopus fried in one of the coves of Ibiza will be one of the best things you do during your holidays. Accompany it with a delicious wine and a delicious farmer’s bread.

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Slaughter rice

And if you want to try a delicious dish with pork, the typical slaughter rice awaits you in the most traditional restaurants. This food is associated with the Spanish culinary custom, linked to the slaughter of pigs, and remains in Ibiza all its validity.

A complete slaughter rice can include bacon, country chicken, sirloin, meat broth, chicken liver and sobrassada. The result: a paella that brings joy to the hearts of locals and visitors.

Borrida de ratjada

Another treat you’ll have to try in Ibiza: it’s a recipe with skate as the main ingredient. It is served in a casserole with potatoes topped with hard-boiled egg, parsley, almonds and garlic.

Ibizan nougat

Ibiza’s sweet table also has unmissable recipes. Don’t miss the taste of this almond nougat: soft, with a pinch of cinnamon and a texture similar to marzipan. Although it is typical of the Christmas holidays, it is available all year round.

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