5 beaches you can not miss on your trip to Ibiza

The beaches of Ibiza are among the best natural destinations in the world. The island offers visitors hundreds of paradisiac places to enjoy. If you have the possibility of this part of the Balearic Islands, we recommend 5 beaches that you should know.

1. Cala Salada

We start with the essential visit to Cala Salada. This beach is located north of the island, near the town of San Antonio de Portmany. In it you will fall in love with this place surrounded by pine trees. A familiar and peaceful atmosphere enlivens the majesty of the rocky cliff that divides the beach in two.

Small boats arrive daily to enjoy the incredible sunsets, from its soft sands. The roads are perfectly marked, so you can access these costs without complications.

2. Cala Saladeta

Sister of Cala Salada, Cala Saladeta is chosen by those who want a more intimate contact with nature. Both beaches are connected by the cliff, so there is no shortage of adventurers and adventurers who choose the rocky path to reach. Anyway, there is a direct and safe way to find this wonderful site.

If you like snorkeling in turquoise waters, you must surely know the Saladeta. It will be your favorite beach if you are also a lover of nature in its purest state, without services, without more constructions than some old fishermen’s houses.

3. Cala Conta / Platges de Comte

Another must-see spot in a visit to Ibiza is the Cala de Comte, in the western part of the island. Its 800 meters are lined with rocks, small islets populate the horizon. The sun is hidden in this beach as in no other; for something is one of the most visited in Ibiza.

It is an ideal place to spend an afternoon enjoying typical meals at the sight of deep blue waters. After a good meal, nothing better than walking calmly through its fine white sands.

4. Cala d’en Serra

The effort of walking between the rocks to reach the Cala d’en Serra on foot is well compensated by the encounter with its landscapes. It is an almost virgin beach, its transparent waters are chosen by divers from all over the world. You will find this spot in the north of the island, in the town of Sant Joan de Labritia.

The peace of waters of intense blue and of absolute transparency, is barely interrupted by bathers. If you like tranquility, fully feel the nature that surrounds you and if you want to forget civilization for a few hours, this will be your beach. An important tip: if you choose the walk to get there, wear good shoes.

5. Cala Gracioneta

Close to San Antonio, this will be your favorite beach if you want to combine tranquility and safety for children. Its turquoise and crystalline waters are serene, the vegetation is exuberant and creates a green wall that protects from the breeze. Many visitors choose it because of the rugged and poorly urbanized environment.

The calm waters of the Gracioneta beach are compared to a natural pool. There are few tourists who visit these coasts, but those who do not forget them again. To get there, you can simply walk from Cala Gració, or take the PM-812 road towards Santa Agnes.

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